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KOP Airgap - Network Load Balancer for mTLS Traffic

Perform the below steps in AWS portal to create Target Groups

Create Target Groups

  • Login to AWS portal and select Target Groups
  • In the Create Target Group wizard, enter the Target group name and select the Target Type as IP

Create Target Group

  • Set health check path as healthz/ready
  • In Advanced health check settings, select Port override and set the Target group on port 30326

Advanced Health Check

Register Targets

Register the controller instance internal IP on port 30526 and create target group.

Register Target Group

Network Load Balancer

Perform the below steps to create a Network Load Balancer

  • Select Network Load Balancer from the AWS Load Balancer page
  • Enter Load balancer name
  • Select Internet-facing Scheme and IPv4 IP address type

Network Load Balancer

  • Map the created target group with the NLB to complete the creation process

NLB Creation