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Bug Fixes

This page provides the ticket number and description of bugs resolved in each release.


Starting v1.4.2, bug fixes are reported in the release notes section.


27 Jan, 2021

Bug ID Description
RC-9331 UI sets the wrong IP address format when the interface name is long causing cluster provisioning failures
RC-9233 Change the UI labels to reflect the right units for the workload custom container image
RC-9543 Blank page on session expiry at console login page


18 Dec, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-9150 Node is not able to check in to Controller when allowing only outbound 443
RC-9139 Error message when creating namespace starting with number like "3dsoftware-abc"
RC-8925 Console should only enable the KUBECTL button when the cluster is ready
RC-8869 Cluster resources numbers flicker when reloading the cluster overview page
RC-8619 Add new master nodes to the existing cluster did not enable the PSP admission controller in the newly added nodes
RC-8468 Hyperlink in OTP screen takes user to the empty cluster page with user and org information
RC-8467 The Company icon title from the otp screen is wrong. When hovering over this icon "jumbo" is displayed as a text
RC-8466 Company logo from login screen is not redirecting the user to the correct page
RC-8408 Although the relay pod and prometheus pods are in running state, but not operational after cluster reboot
RC-8348 Absolute Server Paths appearing in the DevTools Console & generating warnings
RC-7972 Session data residue in the browser cache after logging out
RC-7703 Controller PenTest Scan - Sensitive Data Disclosure - Audit Logs


17 Oct, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-8410 The Web Console UI does not honor browser BACK button
RC-8370 Where there are more than 10 groups, the project/role assignment does not show properly
RC-8347 Workload Debug screen sometimes shows empty cluster selection and no pod displayed with spinning "connecting"
RC-8265 UX: Inviting User already in Another Org
RC-8229 Show resource name in kubectl audit log when using "kubectl delete namespace"
RC-8194 Browser freezes when adding a registry with a long registry endpoint
RC-8172 Remove the mandatory "50GB" size for the raw, unformatted disk to use for glusterfs and use "1GB" instead
RC-8128 Provide "DELETE" button for nodes of an on-prem cluster in all cases
RC-8127 Should provide option to delete node with storage role with warning on data migration before deleting the node
RC-8010 Kubectl access failed with connection error if there are special characters in the username
RC-7953 UI should validate invalid characters when creating Addon name instead of throwing error when trying to publish addon
RC-7873 Add pre-test for duplicated hostname of nodes during MKS HA provisioning
RC-7793 Workload publish failed when using ECR registry annotation in the workload with a long name due to "failed to create cronjob"
RC-7780 Not showing nginx-ingress-controller in Default Blueprint service list
RC-7741 Node discovery failed when deleting a cluster during metadata fetch of the node
RC-7726 SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32)
RC-7701 Even though HSTS is properly configured, the controller does not redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS, which prevents the session cookie from ever being set
RC-7698 Latest Jenkins Helm Workload status is "Published" even though no pods/deployments are created
RC-7697 Loading the cluster resources screen takes a very long time, and some of the requests time out 504 error
RC-7586 core-dns pods are in CrashLoopBackOff state after rebooting the Rafay VM
RC-7554 qcow node stuck at "Approving" state for a long time
RC-7551 Passphrase and credentials files are empty for the newly created cluster
RC-7453 Unpublish a cronjob workload does not delete the job and pod


30 Aug, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-7684 SSO based Org Admin user not able to generate APIKey for user and delete it
RC-7647 Edgesrv connection pool timeout resolution
RC-7260 For Non-HA, non-AWS, on-prem cluster, although node is shutdown, cluster status shows Healthy


21 Aug, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-7557 Move reset MFA icon to a more obvious location
RC-7618 Alert counts in cluster card did not get updated correctly
RC-7632 First time access issues with clusters, Performance and Access logs on dashboard


01 Aug, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6738 Blank page appears when republishing a workload after workload publish is failed
RC-7247 Doc URL in the Node Installation Instructions is not working
RC-7085 Unpublished add-ons should not be listed in the blueprint > addon dropdown list
RC-7005 Clusters list API is not working with API key authentication if the user is present in multiple Organizations
RC-6894 Tooltips for the white labelled partner should be displayed as the partner name instead of Rafay
RC-6876 RCTL workload update command doesn't work if workload name is given as an argument
RC-6834 UI shows "invalid domain name" for IdP Configuration > Domain even though valid domain is set
RC-6737 Cannot edit the docker hub registry configuration after failed validation
RC-6281 Missing CPU Units on Cluster Dashboard
RC-6279 Node View still shows incorrect number of Cores (i.e. data is millicores, but it is shown as Cores)
RC-6056 fav_icon whitelabeling for partner does not work in ops-console page
RC-6033 Make Ingress host name validation error message similar to K8s DNS hostname validation error message
RC-6019 System does not retry to add the DNS record when DNS creation fails during workload publish
RC-5877 Error reason is not shwon in the UI when the AWS EC2 cluster creation fails due to insufficient role permissions
RC-5862 Addon in a blueprint shows empty , as we allow addons to be deleted irrespective of being associated with the blueprint


Jul 11, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-7210 Custom images are not listed in the UI from RCR registry
RC-7100 Cannot push a docker image to RCR registry - "requested access to the resource is denied"
RC-7083 Failed to publish traefik add-ons with helm chart version 8.7.0
RC-7080 Pods part of daemonset are not shown in the debug as labels are not added in pod spec
RC-7001 Not able to show any pods information under Debug menu or list workload under Dashboard for Job deployed through Rafay as a workload
RC-6872 RCTL cannot update workload with corrected version of the payload when workload has already validation error
RC-6733 Resources do not show on dashboard when same statefulset exists in multiple namespaces


Jun 28, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-7021 [On-prem cluster]:1.2.x:UI: When Storage class GlusterFS is deselected, default local storage is still shown as GlusterFS
RC-7000 EKS cluster provision when fails when creating in an existing subnet in us-east-1 region
RC-6927 No memory and cpu metrics in Resources dashboard for Pods
RC-6914 User is not getting deleted upon deletion of the Organization
RC-6913 Custom location name doesn't take underscore; POST of /edge/v1/metros returns 400 if it has an underscore


Jun 16, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6941 If storage class is part of workload definition it is getting created in post install


Jun 14, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6889 Validate Credential is not showing the snack bar when credentials are incorrect even though api is responding with message
RC-6883 Namespace is changed without using intervention while creating workload
RC-6868 Cluster scheduler crash in prod with fatal error: concurrent map iteration and map write
RC-6667 EKS Control Plane Provisioning: Unsupported AZs
RC-5668 When EKS cluster provisioning failed when bringing up the node groups, status is not shown in the UI


Jun 08, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6812 Collect storage stats for xfs type storage devices in EKS clusters
RC-6793 Cloud credential validate option needs to be added back
RC-6788 Auto provision cluster failed with multiple errors
RC-6784 Dashboard - Resources - Workloads page doesn't show data even though there are a few workloads published
RC-6773 rctl should accept project name instead of project id in the workload metadata file
RC-6768 Do Not Display "Change Password" for SSO Users
RC-6744 EKS: Validation missing from nodegroup name
RC-6734 Need to refresh the page when doing any nodegroup actions
RC-6733 Resources do not show on dashboard when same statefulset exists in multiple namespaces
RC-6730 When we drain a nodegroup UI label "Scheduling Disabled" in the nodes needs to be added back
RC-6687 RCTL crashes when using project id as environment variable and creating workload
RC-6685 Failed to create webhook resources using elastic search operator all-in-one.yaml through Rafay's workload
RC-6819 Cluster Status is not changing to UNKNOWN when scaling down to zero when there is a single Nodegroup part of the cluster


May 30, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6763 rafay-prometheus-server-0 memory consumption increasing over time to the extent of OOM


May 27, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6752 Org Admin user not getting OTP screen when tried to login; getting OOPS Server is not behaving error
RC-6751 User without MFA enrolled is being allowed to login to an Org with MFA enabled
RC-6750 edge/v1/projects/x28dokl/edges returns 401; cluster list is shown empty
RC-6749 Configure button of MFA doesn't offer the QR Code screen for a Org admin user
RC-6748 MFA Settings toggle switch shows disabled though MFA is enabled - /auth/v1/organizations/ shows is_totp_enabled: true


May 20, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6541 Not able to delete an ADMIN user from an organization when logged in using PARTNER_ADMIN role


May 16, 2020

Bug ID Description
RC-6281 Missing CPU Units on Cluster Dashboard
RC-6279 Node View shows incorrect number of Cores (i.e. data is millicores, but it is shown as Cores)
RC-6187 UI should remove "Optionally" for version name in Blueprint and Addon publish pages as version is required for publishing
RC-6057 Page titles still reference to Rafay Systems instead of the partner names
RC-6056 fav_icon whitelabeling for partner does not work in ops-console page
RC-6029 Workload name conflict with addon name makes workload publish stuck in publishing state
RC-6015 Error message when creating custom container registry should be improved to point out that only lowercase and numbers are allowed in the name
RC-6004 Conjurer run fails at "Unable to locate package chisel" when provisioning on-prem cluster
RC-5877 Cluster provisioning failure error does not bubble up in UI even though API has this in comment for AWS auto provisioned clusters
RC-5862 Addon in a blueprint shows empty , as addons are allowed to be deleted irrespective of being associated to blueprint