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GlusterFS storage can be expanded for provisioned upstream k8s clusters. GlusterFS storage expansion can be done

  1. By Adding a new storage device to the existing storage node or
  2. By Adding a brand new node with a Storage Role.

Add New Storage Device To Node

  • Add the additional raw/unformatted volume/disk to your VMs or instances
  • Sign into the Console.
  • Select the cluster and click on nodes
  • Click "Add Storage Device" on the node and wait for the newly added storage devices to be discovered by Rafay

Add Storage Device

  • Select the new storage device to expand the GlusterFS storage to.

Add Storage Device

  • Click on "Save" to start expanding the storage. It will take couple minutes for the additional storage to be added.

  • Once it is completed, the new storage device will be shown under the node

Add Storage Device

Add New Node With Storage Role

  • Create required VMs or instances with the raw/unformatted volume attached to it.
  • Sign into the Rafay Console.
  • Select the cluster and click on nodes
  • Click "Add Node" and Follow the Node Installation Instructions to install the Rafay bootstrap agent on the VM

Add Storage Node

  • Approve the node.

Users can optionally enable "auto approval" for new nodes to join the cluster. Enable the auto approval "toggle" in the cluster configuration page as shown in the screenshot below.

Auto Approve Nodes

  • Click on "Configure" to configure the node with the Storage Role and select the storage device and Save the settings.

Configure Storage Nodes

  • Click on "Provision" and confirm to start adding this node as a new node with storage role to the existing cluster

Confirm Storage Nodes

  • It will take couple minutes for the additional node to be provisioned.

Provision Storage Nodes

  • Once the node is provisioned, it will join the cluster with the Storage role

Complete Storage Nodes