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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a fully managed Kubernetes service provided by AWS.

EKS Architecture

Rafay and Amazon EKS

Rafay has developed a deep integration with Amazon EKS to ensure that users can customize and manage the full lifecycle of EKS Clusters in any region right from the Rafay Controller.

Two approaches for provisioning are currently supported:

  1. Self Service GUI
  2. Declarative, GitOps

Watch a brief video showcasing EKS Lifecycle Management with Rafay.


If you use an alternate approach for cluster provisioning such as Terraform, you can import these clusters in Rafay for visibility, monitoring and workload operations.

Amazon EKS on AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS capabilities to a customer's facility providing a truly consistent hybrid experience. AWS services run locally on AWS Outposts and can be accessed using familiar AWS APIs and tooling making it ideal for workloads that require low latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, or local data storage. AWS Outposts are connected to the nearest AWS Region to provide management and control plane services with complete management, monitoring, and lifecycle management by AWS.

Organizations can leverage Rafay to streamline and simplify the provisioning and ongoing operations of EKS clusters on AWS Outposts. They can do this via both a self service wizard and in a declarative manner using a version controlled cluster specification that can be stored in a Git repository.

Once you have created your VPC and subnets for AWS Outposts, just provide this information in Rafay’s EKS cluster creation wizard to ensure it can provision the EKS cluster with the worker nodes on your AWS Outposts infrastructure.