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KOP Environment Manager - Dashboards

Environment Manager provides an organization-wide dashboard. Environment Manager Admins can view key environment information at a glance, both summary and trending data, across all projects in their Rafay organization.

Total Number

The Environment Manager dashboard displays the total number of environments, resources, templates, and active users for your organization. Each summary is the total number for that particular item in your Environment Manager.

Summary Data

The dashboard displays summary information for some Environment Manager data. This information can include the environment, project, templates and versions, when the data was created and when it was last modified.

The Environment Manager dashboard displays the following information.

Data Description
Active Users Active users are users who have performed any configurations against Environment Manager objects.
Environments Environments can be shared or dedicated clusters, managed by the Environment Manager Admins.
Environment Templates Environment templates are a collection of resource templates and static resources that contains environment variables, lifecycle hooks, and dependencies.
Resources Resources can be defined by the Environment Manager Admins. Some example resources are: an AWS S3 Bucket, Elastic Cache, or Elastic Load Balancer.
Resource Templates Resource templates are rules and Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) that define a cloud resource, including variables, hooks, and policies.
Static Resources Resources not deployed by the Environment Manager but can be used in an environment. Some example static resources are: a shared cluster or shared Databricks instance.

Trend Graphs

The dashboard displays trend data to help Admins visualize what is going on in their organization. The trend data can be filtered by templates or by resources.