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Stages are distinct atomic actions that are performed by the Controller. When one or more stages are put together in a sequence, they make a pipeline. There are two types of stages currently available in the Controller.

Deploy Workload Stage

This stage is responsible for deployment of an already configured workload.

  • Provide a friendly name for the stage
  • Select "DeployWorkload"
  • Select the name of the workload from the dropdown list
  • Save

Deploy Workload Stage


Ensure that you have created a workload before trying to create a stage for it.

Manual Approval

This stage is responsible for an approval by an authorized administrator in the Project.

  • Provide a friendly name for the stage
  • Select "Approval"
  • Provide the email address where the notification will be sent
  • Specify how long the stage will wait before being considered a failure (default is forever)
  • Save

Approval Stage

Any authorized user in the Controller that can access the pipeline can sign in, review and approve the stage. Their approval or rejection actions are recorded and viewable in both the pipeline history and the audit logs.

An example of a "manual approval" stage is shown below. In this example, the user "" manually approved the stage so that it could proceed to the next configured stage and the approval stage was pending for "19 seconds".

Manual Approval Example