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Common Use Cases

The platform enables customers to operate their applications globally at scale. Some common deployment scenarios are described below.

Multi Region Deployments

Customers that need to operate their Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions with the same provider. For example, containerized application deployed on Six (6) AWS regions (US-East, US-West, Europe, Japan, Sao Paulo-Brazil and Sydney-Australia).


  • It is extremely operationally challenging to manage the lifecycle of a containerized application deployed in multiple regions.
  • It is cost prohibitive to hire and retain a large operations team.

Multi Region Deployments

Multi or Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Customers that need to operate their applications on multiple cloud providers (e.g. AWS and GCP) or hybrid clouds (e.g. AWS and on-prem datacenter)


  • It is cost prohibitive and challenging for Developers and Operations personnel to develop/maintain expertise across multiple cloud providers.
  • It is challenging to perform frequent updates to the applications.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Multi Cluster Private Network Deployments

Customers that need to operate applications on 100s or 1000s of Kubernetes clusters in geographically distributed, private network locations. Examples:

  • A large retailer with a Kubernetes cluster in every retail store
  • A large healthcare provider with a Kubernetes cluster in every hospital location
  • A manufacturing entity with a Kubernetes cluster in every factory location
  • An ISV that needs to deploy and support "on-premises" deployments of their application in end customer's private datacenter.


  • It is operationally very challenging to support and maintain 1,000s of Kubernetes clusters
  • Cost prohibitive to hire/retain technical staff at every location
  • No outbound/Internet network connectivity available in any location

Multi Cluster Private Network