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This is a multi-part, self paced quick start exercise where we will use Rafay's Terraform Provider to provision a RBAC controlled, dedicated operating environment aka project for an application team/business unit on Amazon's EKS. We will then run a number of day-two operations on our cluster. Resources can be customized and provisioned in a sequence as described in the image below.

    participant pipe as Pipeline
    participant tf as Terraform <br>Provider
    participant rafay as Rafay
    participant csp as Cloud <br>(AWS)

    pipe->>tf: New Operating Environment 
    tf-->>rafay: Create Project 
    tf-->>rafay: Create User Group
    tf-->>rafay: Map Roles to Group (RBAC)
    tf-->>rafay: Create Cloud Credential
    tf-->>rafay: Add Git/Helm Repositories <br> (for Add-Ons)
    tf-->>rafay: Create Add-ons <br>(nginx, cert-manager)
    tf-->>rafay: Create Custom Blueprint <br> (Managed and Custom Add-ons)
    tf-->>rafay: Add Cluster Overrides 
    rafay->>csp: Provision EKS Cluster <br> (using Cloud Credential)
    rafay->>csp: Apply Custom Blueprint <br> (with Cluster Override)
    csp->>rafay: Blueprint Successful 
    rafay->>tf: Cluster Ready
    tf->>pipe: Operating Environment Ready
    tf-->>rafay: Create Nodegroup <br> (Day-2 Operation)
    tf-->>rafay: Scale Nodegroup <br> (Day-2 Operation)
    tf-->>rafay: Upgrade Cluster <br> (Day-2 Operation)

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Build out the infrastructure required to support Project as a Service (PaaS) in AWS. This will be using Rafay's Terraform provider to provision a number of Rafay resources. Once complete we will navigate the console and view the cluster through the integrated dashboard and securely access the cluster's API server using zero trust kubectl
2 Walk through a number of day-two operations on the cluster
3 Deprovision the cluster and remove the underlying infrastructure


To access the documentation for Lifecycle Management for EKS, click here