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Integrate with the CNCF Landscape

Follow our simple, step-by-step guides showcasing how to use the platform to help streamline and securely operate 3rd party tools from the CNCF landscape.

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  • AI & ML

    Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) have the potential to revolutionize productivity.

    AI & ML Overview


  • Alert Manager

    Route alerts generated by Prometheus on remote clusters to receivers such as PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Slack, and Teams.

    Alert Manager Overview

    Microsoft Teams Opsgenie PagerDuty ServiceNow Slack

  • App Deployments

    Deploy and Operate containerized applications on Kubernetes clusters.

    App Deployments Overview


  • Backup & Restore

    Prepare disaster recovery, data migration and data protection for Kubernetes clusters and other components.

    Backup & Restore Overview

    Velero Velero

  • Certificate Management

    Issue and manage certificates from a variety of supported sources such as Let's Encrypt, HashiCorp Vault and private PKIs.

    Certificate Management Overview


  • Cost Management

    Provide real time and granular visibility into costs for Kubernetes clusters to prevent overspending.

    Cost Management Overview

    Kubecost Stormforge

  • Databases

    Deploy and operate cloud native databases in Kubernetes clusters.

    Databases Overview

    InfluxDB Redis

  • Developer Self Service

    Configure and enable a self service experience on Kubernetes for developers.

    Developer Self Service Overview

    Backstage VCluster

  • Edge

    Edge orchestration and management delivers applications and workloads to edge devices.

    Edge Overview


  • Functions

    Configure and enable serverless capabilities on Kubernetes clusters.

    Function Overview


  • Governance

    Configure and enforce your organization's policies on Kubernetes clusters.

    Governance Overview

    Kyverno OPA

  • GPUs

    Configure and use Nvidia GPUs on Kubernetes for your AI/ML workloads.

    GPU Overview

    NVidia GPU Operator

  • Ingress

    Deploy and manage Ingress Controllers on your Kubernetes clusters to expose applications externally.

    Ingress Overview

    AWS Load Balancer Ambassador Citrix Kong NGINX NGROK Traefik

  • Load Balancer

    Configure, deploy and use Load Balancers on Upstream Kubernetes clusters to expose your applications to users.

    Load Balancer Overview


  • Logging

    Aggregate logs emitted from your Kubernetes resident workloads to a centralized logging platform.

    Logging Overview

    CloudWatch OpenSearch Splunk Sumologic New Relic

  • Monitoring

    Provide deep insights into your cluster's and app's performance to evaluate performance bottlenecks.

    Monitoring Overview

    Grafana Prometheus Operator CloudWatch DataDog Agent Dynatrace New Relic OPSVerse AWS Prometheus Splunk Connect

  • Network Policy

    Provide visibility and control of how pods are allowed to communicate with various network entities inside and outside the cluster.

    Network Policy Overview

    Cilium Project Calico

  • Secrets

    Secure your application and Kubernetes secrets by managing them on key/secret management platforms.

    Secrets Overview

    Secret Vault AWS Secrets Manager Sealed Secrets External Secrets Operator

  • Security

    Security requires Kubernetes administrators to address various risk types that can impact various services within a cluster.

    Security Overview

    Araali Trivy

  • Service Mesh

    Control service-to-service communication, delivery of service requests to other services, load balancing, encrypt data, and discover services.

    Service Mesh Overview

    Istio Linkerd

  • SIEM

    Aggregate and centralize all your your Rafay Org audit logs to your corporate Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for security analytics and forensics.

    SIEM Overview

    AWS Cloudwatch Datadog Splunk SumoLogic

  • SSO

    Provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for your developers and operations personnel by integrating Rafay to your corporate Identity Provider (IdP).

    SSO Overview

    ADFS AWS SSO Azure AD Duo SSO Google Workspace KeyCloak Okta PingOne

  • Storage

    Configure and provide applications with a cluster-wide pool of storage volumes on the cluster including on-prem storage options.

    Storage Overview

    MinIO Ondat Portworx

  • Tracing

    System component traces record the latency of and relationships between operations in the cluster.

    Tracing Overview


  • Troubleshooting

    Debug and diagnose issues with applications and your cluster. Provide admins a view into all events and dependencies inside of your cluster.

    Troubleshooting Overview


  • Virtual Machines

    Deploy and Operate Virtual Machines alongside containers on Kubernetes Clusters.

    VMs on k8s Overview