Request Generative AI Environment based on on Amazon ECS

When a developer requests for a Gen AI environment (based on ECS), a series of automated workflows will need to be performed to fulfil this request. The sequence diagram below describes the high level steps.


Although the recommended workflow assumes and recommends using an Integration with an Identity Provider (IdP) to provide a Single Sign On (SSO) experience, organizations can also use locally managed users.

    participant dev as Developer
    participant plat as Platform Team 
    participant rafay as Rafay <br> Environment Manager
    participant idp as Identity Provider <br> (IdP)

    dev->>plat: Request Gen AI Environment <br>based on ECS 
    plat-->>rafay: Create New Project in Org <br> for Developer
    rafay->>idp: Create Group for New Project  
    rafay->>idp: Add developer to Group 
    rafay-->>rafay: Create Group in Rafay <br>with Env Template User Role 
    rafay->>rafay: Share "genai" Env Template <br>with New Project 
    rafay-->>dev: Environment Ready for Use