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A collection of videos showcasing capabilities of the Platform.

We will add new videos to our public YouTube Video Channel on an ongoing basis. Please subscribe to the channel if you wish to be notified when new videos are available.

Provisioning Clusters

The platform automates and streamlines the tasks for Operations teams enabling them to quickly create and manage clusters for their containerized apps across heterogeneous infrastructure (public cloud, and on-premises)

Watch a video showcasing the workflow for auto provisioning clusters and infrastructure on Public Cloud Infrastructure like AWS and GCP.

Watch a video showcasing the workflow for manual provisioning of clusters on any type of infrastructure.

Importing Clusters

Watch a video showcasing how existing Kubernetes clusters can be imported into the Controller.

Cluster Management and Operations

Once a Kubernetes cluster has been provisioned, there are a number of tasks that need to be performed on an ongoing basis.

Watch a video showcasing how worker nodes can be added and deleted from a managed Kubernetes cluster. Watch a video showcasing how cluster admins can perform in-place upgrades of Kubernetes clusters.

Deploy and Operate a Containerized App

Watch a high level introduction to the general experience for a user to deploy and operate a containerized application using the Platform's "Workload Wizard". Watch a video showcasing how a Helm Chart based workload can be deployed to a cluster.

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

Watch a video showcasing how the platform makes it very easy for users to quickly configure sophisticated Horizontal Pod Autoscaling rules in Kubernetes.

Application Upgrade

Watch videos describing how you can use the controller to perform controlled upgrades of your containerized app across multiple clusters. In Cluster Rolling Upgrades of your containerized application.

App Expansion

Automate and streamline the tasks that need to be performed after the application is already operational. For example, expand deployment to a new location, upgrade the container to a new version.

Streamlined Secrets Management

Users have access to an intuitive GUI based console to configure and manage their application secrets. The controller automatically provisions and deprovisions the secrets to required clusters just in time before the container pods are scheduled.

Log Aggregation

The entire setup and configuration for log aggregation for multi cluster deployments can be performed using the guided workflow in just a few seconds. Developers and Operators can focus on their application instead of worrying about how to tune and optimize infrastructural components.

CI/CD Pipelines

The controller can be tightly integrated with popular CI platforms such as Jenkins, GitLab, CircleCI etc. The end result is a highly automated deployment pipeline that can be used for QA and Staging-to-Production deployment scenarios.

With these integrations, it is possible to orchestrate multi cluster, global deployments.