Recipes for the CNCF Landscape are developed and maintained based on multiple man years of learning and insights from real life production environments. These recipes embed best practices associated with a component in the CNCF Landscape to make sure that our customers can efficiently and quickly become operational.

For example, just simply taking the "off the shelf" Helm chart for MinIO for object storage and deploying on a Kubernetes cluster does not equate to a production grade deployment. To get a mission critical, production grade system operational, other critical capabilities need to be factored in such as :

  • Security: How to protect secrets embedded in the MinIO yaml file?
  • Monitoring: How to actively monitor the deployed MinIO workload?
  • Availability: How can I deploy this in a highly available configuration?
  • Performance: How do I know if the MinIO deployment is performing as per expectations?
  • Costs: How can I manage operational costs?

The recipes for the CNCF Landscape address these issues.