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AI and Generative AI

Introducing Rafay's Generative AI based Copilot

A few days back, as part of our early March 2024 release, we opened up Rafay's Generative AI based Copilot to our customers. For the folks that are active readers of our product blogs, you will recognize that this is the result of a GenAI focused Hackathon we ran in late 2023. You can read more about our learnings from the Hackathon in 2023.

Just like Batman works way better with Robin as his copilot, we are seeing our customers benefiting immensely by using the Rafay Copilot that is integrated right in the console. In this blog, we will use a few examples to showcase the value of the Rafay copilot.

Batman and Robin

Rafay's AI Hackathon 2023: Advancements To Improve Our Customer Experience

We just wrapped up our annual hackathon earlier this month. The theme and focus for this hackathon was AI and Generative AI and our teams had the opportunity to prototype and demonstrate fascinating solutions esp. based on Generative AI.

We had eleven (11) fully functioning submissions spanning both "external" and "internal" use cases. The panel that reviewed and judged the submissions observed extensive use of the following technologies associated with Generative AI.

AI Hackathon Words