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This is a legacy version

For the latest Credentials CLI information, see the Cloud Credentials CLI topic.

The RCTL utility provides the means to manage the lifecycle of credentials. The following operations can be performed on credentials managed by the controller in projects inside your organization.

Resource Create Get Update Delete Publish Unpublish
Credentials YES YES NO YES N/A N/A


An IAM Role must be created in the AWS Console per the following instructions. Be sure to set the Account ID and External ID as a trusted entity which gives the controller permission to assume the role.

IAM Roles and Policies - AWS-EKS

Create Credential (AWS)

Create a new "managed" credential in the current Project in the Controller.


Use this to create a credential which will be used to provision clusters.

 ./rctl create credential aws my-cloud-credential --cred-type cluster-provisioning --external-id 35ba1eac-76eb-4f30-b872-d84b8e270eec --role-arn arn:aws:iam::679196758854:role/my_iam_role


Avoid upper case characters for the name because Kubernetes does not support it.

Data Backup/Restore using IRSA via RCTL

Use the below command to create a cloud credential using arn role

./rctl create credential aws <name> --cred-type <data-backup> --role-arn <role_arn>

Use the below command to update an existing cloud credential using arn role

./rctl update credential aws <name> --cred-type <data-backup> --role-arn <new_role_arn>

List Credentials

Use this to retrieve/list all "managed credentials" in the currently specified "Project". An illustrative example is shown below.

./rctl get credentials
| NAME                  | CLOUD | CREATED AT                   | MODIFIED AT                  | OWNERSHIP |
| my-full-iam-role      | AWS   | Tue Jun 29 22:33:04 UTC 2021 | Tue Jun 29 22:33:04 UTC 2021 | self      |
| minio                 | MINIO | Tue Jun 20 22:16:07 UTC 2021 | Tue Apr 20 22:16:07 UTC 2021 | self      |