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Provision Amazon EKS


This is an illustrative example of a Jenkins based pipeline programmatically interacting with the controller to automate the provisioning of Amazon EKS Clusters based on a declarative cluster specification.


  • You have configured credentials in Jenkins so that the pipeline can securely access the Controller.

Jenkins Credentials

Example Pipeline

Step 1: Create Jenkins Item

Create a new Jenkins "Item", provide a name and select "pipeline" for type. Illustrative screenshot below.

Create New Item

Copy the example Jenkins pipeline from the public Git repo and customize it with your details.

Step 2: Cluster Spec Parameter

Select the "This project is parameterized" option and enter "CLUSTER_METADATA". This will carry the Cluster Specs.

Enable Parameter

Step 3: Pipeline

Step 4: Build With Parameters

  • To execute the pipeline, click on "build with parameters"
  • Provide the cluster spec in the parameters
  • Click on build

Build with Parameters