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Users can use RCTL to create the Resources Quotas with a Yaml spec file.

The values ClusterResourceQuota and DefaultClusterNamespaceQuota are included in the project YAML spec file. These fields are not mandatory and contain optional subfields of various resources.

  • ClusterResourceQuota: Implies the quota available for each cluster present under a specific project

  • DefaultClusterNamespaceQuota: Implies the default quota that is available to a namespace under a project

The total namespace quota utilization for a project cannot exceed the available project quota.

Below is an illustrative example of the YAML spec file to configure the resource quotas for the project demo-project

  "apiVersion": "",
  "kind": "Project",
  "metadata": {
    "name": "demo-project"
  "spec": {
    "default": false,
    "clusterResourceQuota": {
      "cpuRequests": "1000m",
      "memoryRequests": "1024Mi",
      "cpuLimits": "2000m",
      "memoryLimits": "2048Mi",
      "configMaps": 10,
      "persistentVolumeClaims": 10,
      "secrets": 10,
      "services": 10,
      "servicesLoadBalancers": 10,
      "servicesNodePorts": 10,
      "storageRequests": 10,
      "pods": 10,
      "replicationControllers": 10
    "defaultClusterNamespaceQuota": {
      "cpuRequests": "500m",
      "memoryRequests": "512Mi",
      "cpuLimits": "1000m",
      "memoryLimits": "1024Mi",
      "configMaps": 5,
      "persistentVolumeClaims": 5,
      "secrets": 5,
      "services": 5,
      "servicesLoadBalancers": 5,
      "servicesNodePorts": 5,
      "storageRequests": 5,
      "pods": 5,
      "replicationControllers": 5


The below create command enables the users to create a project with the specified Resource Quotas configuration

.rctl create project -f <filename.yaml>


.rctl create project -f project1_quotas.yaml


The below validations are mandatory to complete a Resource Quotas configuration on a project:

  • Configuration values of DefaultClusterNamespace is mandatory when Quota ClusterResourceQuota is specified and vice-versa
  • Number of fields defined in ClusterResourceQuota & DefaultClusterNamespaceQuota must be the same
  • Same number of fields with same resources specified/ configured in ClusterResourceQuota & DefaultClusterNamespaceQuota
  • Quota assigned per field in DefaultClusterNamespaceQuota must not exceed in value with the corresponding field’s value in ClusterResourceQuota


View Quota Configuration Status

On successful project creation, the quota configurations are automatically applied to the clusters deployed within the specified project.

  • Login to the console and access your project
  • Select the required cluster and click Kubectl
  • Enter the command get crd in the Kubectl screen to know whether the Resource Quotas configuration is applied to the clusters within a project
  • Output with the resource confirms the quota deployment
kubectl get crd
NAME                                             CREATED AT               2022-05-20T04:22:38Z                        2022-05-20T04:22:38Z                 2022-05-20T04:22:38Z                          2022-05-20T04:27:00Z                               2022-05-20T04:27:00Z             2022-05-20T04:22:38Z             2022-05-20T04:22:38Z           2022-05-20T04:22:39Z               2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                   2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                      2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                     2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                     2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                         2022-05-20T04:22:39Z   2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                          2022-05-20T04:28:09Z                 2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                     2022-05-20T04:22:39Z                            2022-05-20T18:13:25Z                            2022-05-20T04:28:09Z                               2022-05-20T04:28:09Z

View Per Cluster Resource limits

To view the resource quota details deployed to a cluster, use the command get -o yaml (or) get projects -o yaml. Below is an example of the output

Project Dashboard

Note: Users can make the changes to the Resources Quota through the controller and those changes will also get updated when viewing this output.

View Namespace Resource Quota details

To view the namespace and its allotted resourced limits, use the command get ns <namespace-name> -o yaml. Below is an illustrative example of a namespace and its configuration details

Project Dashboard

View Quota Request and limits

Use the command get resourcequotas --all-namespaces to view the list of namespaces, resource request and the Utilizations

kubectl get resourcequotas --all-namespaces
NAMESPACE   NAME                 AGE     REQUEST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                LIMIT
ns2         ns2-resource-quota   3h10m   configmaps: 1/2, pods: 0/2, secrets: 2/2, services.nodeports: 0/2                                                                                                                                                                                      
ns3         ns3-resource-quota   3h9m    configmaps: 1/2, pods: 0/2, secrets: 2/2, services.nodeports: 0/2                                                                                                                                                                                      
ns4         ns4-resource-quota   3h8m    configmaps: 1/2, pods: 0/2, secrets: 2/2, services.nodeports: 0/2                                                                                                                                                                                      
ns5         ns5-resource-quota   3h7m    configmaps: 1/2, pods: 2/2, secrets: 2/2, services.nodeports: 0/2                                                                                                                                                                                      
ram-ns4     object-counts        114m    configmaps: 1/10, persistentvolumeclaims: 0/4, pods: 0/4, replicationcontrollers: 0/20, requests.cpu: 0/1, requests.memory: 0/1Gi, 0/4, secrets: 2/10, services: 0/10, services.loadbalancers: 0/2, services.nodeports: 0/2   limits.cpu: 0/2, limits.memory: 0/2Gi

View a namespace resource allocation

To view the resource allocation of a specific namespace, use the command describe resourcequotas -n <namespace>

The below example shows the resource details of a namespace ns2.

kubectl describe resourcequotas -n ns2
Name:               ns2-resource-quota
Namespace:          ns2
Resource            Used  Hard
--------            ----  ----
configmaps          1     2
pods                0     2
secrets             2     2
services.nodeports  0     2

Note: Only the configured resources appears in the output