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Limited Access - This capability is enabled selectively for customers and is not available to all organizations.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to use the fleet plan feature set to manage and operate a fleet of EKS clusters. This feature enables you to perform various actions on a fleet of clusters, such as upgrading, scaling, updating blueprints, and more. It also includes the capability to conduct pre and post flight checks for enhanced operational efficiency.

What Will You Do

Part What will you do?
1 Create a fleet plan with actions and hooks Create Fleet plan
2 Execute the fleet plan on the existing clusters Execute and Monitor


  1. You have existing EKS clusters that are properly set up and operational. These clusters will be utilized in the fleet plan to execute operations.

  2. You possess the appropriate user role (such as organization admin or infrastructure admin) within the Rafay platform.

  3. You have GitOps agent deployed on the EKS clusters for configuration, where the runner type is set as agent.