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Day-2 Operations

Day-2 Operations Support

Users are allowed to perform only the below operations on Day 2

Supported Day-2 Operations

  • Enable or disable 'Compute Engine Persistent Disk CSI Driver'
  • Node pools
  • Add, scale and delete node pools
  • Upgrade node pool K8s version
  • Downgrade node pool K8s version (only via RCTL or API)
  • Enable or disable node pool auto-upgrade
  • Update Node pool upgrade strategy
  • Update node pool upgrade settings
  • Update Blueprint and Blueprint version
  • Upgrade cluster Kubernetes version
  • Update cluster labels


  • When updating the node pool upgrade strategy, it is not possible to reduce the batch soak duration and node pool soak duration to zero '0' on day 2
  • Disabling auto-upgrade is only possible once the node pool version in the configuration matches the actual version
  • When auto-upgrade is enabled, downgrading the node pool is not allowed