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There are a number of standalone GitOps tools available. This document describes the benefits of an integrated, GitOps continuous delivery capability in the Controller.


Low Cost

  • Leverage the same platform that you use for Kubernetes management for GitOps
  • Eliminates the license and operational costs by eliminating the need for yet another tool just for GitOps

Instant Start

  • Sign in and build a multi-stage deployment pipeline to deploy applications to your clusters in under 5 minutes (not weeks or months)
  • No need to develop, test and maintain complex application deployment scripts

Zero Learning Curve

  • Focus on building and improving your pipelines and applications
  • No need to learn, train, install and maintain a separate GitOps tool

Seamless, Integrated Experience

  • Intuitive user experience makes developers and operational personnel extremely effective and productive
  • Critical operational data available instantly eliminating the need for users to straddle multiple products to do their jobs

High Security Model

  • Implement and standardize on a zero trust security model for your cluster and application operations
  • Uses the exact same RBAC you already use for isolation, strong authentication, zero trust security and audits for your cluster and workload operations
  • Leverage your existing corporate IdP to streamline and manage access for users
  • Instantly detect and remediate accidental or malicious configuration drifts


  • Simplify and streamline the operational complexity for your developers and operational personnel
  • New users can learn and become experts in minutes