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Part 3: Deprovision

What Will You Do

In this part of the self-paced exercise, you will deprovision your AKS cluster and all the resources created by the SOM automation.

Step 1: Deprovision Environment Resources

  • In the forked repo, navigate to the "aks" directory
  • Open the file “deprovision_aks.ps1”
  • Click "Edit this file"

Edit File

  • In the “Populate Variables” section, follow the steps to populate the needed values
  • Once the values are populated, click "Commit changes"

Commit File

  • Once committed, go to the "Actions" tab in GitHub. You will see the workflow running.

Workflow Started

  • Click on the running workflow, click "build" to see the workflow output

Workflow Running

Cluster Deprovisioning

  • The workflow will take roughly 15 minutes to deprovision all resources. You can monitor the workflow job output and the Rafay console.

Workflow Completed


As of this step, the SOM automation has deprovisioned all of the resources it initially crated in the environment.