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This document describes how customers can configure and use the open source NGINX Ingress Controller to a managed Kubernetes cluster. For more information on differences between Community Ingress, NGINX Ingress, and NGINX Plus Ingress, please read here.

The following information helps to create a custom cluster blueprint with the NGINX Ingress Controller addons and apply these addons to a cluster via the blueprint. You can use this blueprint on as many clusters as you require.

What Will You Do

In this exercise,

  • You will create a "NGINX Ingress Controller" addon and use it in a custom cluster blueprint.
  • You will create a Cluster Override so that you can apply specific NGINX variables to your configuration.
  • You will apply this cluster blueprint to a managed cluster


This tutorial describes the steps to create and use a custom cluster blueprint using the Web Console. The entire workflow can also be fully automated and embedded into an automation pipeline.


You have already provisioned or imported one or more Kubernetes clusters using the controller.