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This section documents many of the frequently asked questions related to Amazon EKS clusters that users may encounter.

Kubernetes Versions

The default version of Kubernetes during initial cluster provisioning is updated frequently as new versions are supported by Amazon EKS. Support for older versions will be deprecated and removed once these fall off the support matrix.

Exhaustion of Elastic IPs

Elastic IPs are a limited resource provided by AWS. If the AWS account has hit the upper limit for Elastic IPs, the automated infrastructure creation workflow will fail.

AWS requires their customers to submit requests for additional Elastic IPs. More information here.

Exhaustion of VPCs

AWS limits the default number of VPCs per region to 5 (five). The automated provisioning process will fail if this limit is encountered.

Customers can request additional VPCs by submitting a request. More information here

Instance Launch Issues

If AWS does not have sufficient on demand instance capacity or if you have reached the limit on the number of instances you can launch in a region. More information here.

Pods per Node

All managed Kubernetes services such as Amazon EKS etc impose hard limits on the number of pods per node.

Amazon EKS's limits for "number of pods per node" are documented here