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Use Istio

What Will You Do

In this exercise,

  • You will be deploying a sample application with istio proxy


  • You have already provisioned or imported a Kubernetes cluster using the controller.
  • You have successfully published a istio addon based cluster blueprint to your cluster.

For this example, we will use a bookinfo application.

Step 1: Download Bookinfo sample application

curl -o bookinfo.yaml
curl -s >> bookinfo.yaml

Step 2: Customize the manifest to enable istio injection

In this step, we will be modifying the bookinfo manifest we downloaded in the previous step in enable istio injection on the namespace where we are going to deploy this application. In this example, we will be using "demo" namespace.

echo "---
> apiVersion: v1
> kind: Namespace
> metadata:
>   name: demo
>   labels:
>     istio-injection: enabled" >> bookinfo.yaml

Step 3: Create Workload

  • Login into the Web Console and navigate to your Project as an Org Admin or Project Admin
  • Under Infrastructure (or Applications if accessed with Project Admin role), select "Namespaces" and create a new namespace called "demo"
  • Go to Applications > Workloads
  • Select "New Workload" to create a new workload called "bookinfo"
  • Ensure that you select "k8s YAML" for Package Type and select the namespace as "demo"
  • Click CONTINUE to next step
  • Select Choose File and upload bookinfo.yaml file
  • Save and Go to Placement
  • In the Placement step, select the cluster(s) that you would like to deploy bookinfo application
  • Publish the bookinfo workload to the selected cluster(s)

Step 4: Verify Deployment

You can optionally verify whether the correct resources have been created on the cluster.

  • First, we will verify the pod status
kubectl get po -n demo
NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
details-v1-548dc9cbdc-zrbms       2/2     Running   0          111s
productpage-v1-6469799585-jcrbf   2/2     Running   0          111s
ratings-v1-c79d58547-m27ql        2/2     Running   0          111s
reviews-v1-5bb5947dc-fkl6t        2/2     Running   0          111s
reviews-v2-cf4f69b7c-c8ptf        2/2     Running   0          111s
reviews-v3-767987c9f5-nl9pn       2/2     Running   0          111s
  • Then, we will verify the gateway and virtualservice.
kubectl get gateway
NAME               AGE
bookinfo-gateway   108s
kubectl get virtualservice
NAME       GATEWAYS             HOSTS   AGE
bookinfo   [bookinfo-gateway]   [*]     112s

Below picture also confirms istio injection worked as we can see istio proxy running as sidecar to all the containers.

Istio Proxy Sidecar


Congratulations! You successfully deployed an application with istio sidecar injection.