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AWS Tags

It is a best practice at Organizations to use tags for all resources in AWS with appropriate metadata for billing, governance and compliance reasons. For more information on tagging, the reader is recommended to read AWS's best practices document on tagging.

The Controller provides administrators with the means to seamlessly include/update AWS tags to all AWS resources provisioned as part of the cluster both during and after cluster provisioning.

Initial Provisioning

Administrators can specify AWS tags during initial cluster provisioning.

In the example below, the user has specified two tags (type=staging and which will be automatically attached with every AWS resource associated with the cluster managed by the Controller.

AWS Tags Initial Provisioning

Once the Amazon EKS cluster is successfully provisioned, the associated AWS tags can be viewed on the Console

  • Click on the Cluster name
  • Navigate to the Configuration tab
  • View the associated AWS tags

An illustrative example is shown below

View AWS Tags for Cluster

Add Node Groups

Once a cluster has already been provisioned, a new node group may be required for a new application team. A different set of AWS tags may be required

AWS Tags Node Group Addition

Once provisioned, the AWS tags associated with the Node Group can be viewed on the Console

  • Click on the Cluster Name
  • Navigate to the Node Group tab
  • View the AWS tags for the Node Group you are interested in

An illustrative example is shown below. In this case, there are multiple AWS tags associated with the node group

View AWS Tags for Node Group

AWS Administrators can view the tags on associated node group resources in the AWS Console. For example, in the image below, you can see that the ec2 instance backing the worker node in the node group has the same tags.

View AWS Tags on AWS Console


Updating both cluster tags and nodegroup tags simultaneously in the config file via rctl is not permitted. Modify the configuration file to update the cluster tags and apply the changes. Then, proceed to update the nodegroup tags.