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To provision an AKS cluster, create credentials in the controller using the Azure configuration details.

Step 1: Add Cloud Credential

  • Login to the Console and click Infrastructure
  • Select Cloud Credentials and click New Credential
  • Provide a unique name and select the type Cluster Provisioning
  • Select AZURE from the Provider drop-down
  • Select Service_Principal from the Credential Type
  • Enter the Tenant ID, Subscription ID, Client ID, and Client Secret
  • Click Save

For more details on Service Principal components, refer Azure Service Setup

New Cloud Credential

Step 2: View Cloud credentials

On successful addition of cloud credentials, user can view the list of in the Cloud Credentials main page

New Cloud Credential

Manage Cloud Credentials

  • Click Manage Sharing to share this credentials with either None or All Projects or Specific Projects. By default, None is selected
  • Click Edit icon to make any changes to the existing credentials
  • Click Validate icon to validate the credentials based on the data provided
  • Click Delete to delete the existing credentials