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To provision an AKS cluster, create credentials in the controller using the Azure configuration details.

Step 1: Add Cloud Credential

  • Login to the Console and click Infrastructure
  • Select Cloud Credentials and click New Credential
  • Provide a unique name and select the type Cluster Provisioning
  • Select AZURE from the Provider drop-down
  • Select Service_Principal from the Credential Type
  • Enter the Tenant ID, Subscription ID, Client ID, and Client Secret
  • Click Save

For more details on Service Principal components, refer Azure Service Setup

New Cloud Credential

Parameter Definition
Subscription ID Azure Subscription ID, associated with an Azure Subscription
Tenant ID A Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) that is different than your organization name or domain.
Client ID An ID used to associate your application with Azure AD at runtime
Client Secret Azure Active Directory Client Secret

Step 2: View Cloud credentials

On successful addition of cloud credentials, user can view the list of in the Cloud Credentials main page

New Cloud Credential

Manage Cloud Credentials

  • Click Manage Sharing to share this credentials with either None or All Projects or Specific Projects. By default, None is selected
  • Click Edit icon to make any changes to the existing credentials
  • Click Validate icon to validate the credentials based on the data provided
  • Click Delete to delete the existing credentials