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The following features are expected to roll into the Preview environment shortly. Learn more about Previews.

Blueprint Sync Performance

The cluster blueprint synchronization workflow has been tuned and optimized for better performance resulting in faster synchronization and convergence of cluster blueprints.

SSO Performance Optimizations

Single Sign On (SSO) operations for users with a very large number of groups from the Identity Provider (IdP) has been optimized for significant improvements in performance. With this, end users will see a dramatically faster login experience.

Zero Trust Kubectl Enhancements

The organization's access policy for "Kubernetes Secrets" can now be applied for pod/exec operations even when the user has multiple read/write roles. With this, customers can configure and enforce extremely fine grained access policies for their developers.

EKS Anywhere - Lifecycle Mgmt

Users can fully manage the lifecycle of EKS Anywhere clusters on bare metal environments. Users can remotely configure, provision and operate Amazon EKS Anywhere clusters on bare metal servers in data centers and edge environments.

EKS Anywhere for Bare Metal