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Users of Upstream Kubernetes on Bare Metal and VMs based on Rafay MKS have two options for persistent storage.

3rd Party Storage

Kubernetes has a thriving ecosystem of best of breed providers that support the Container Storage Interface aka (CSI). Some examples of 3rd party storage providers:

Rafay has invested in creating documentation on how to configure, install and operate these 3rd party CSI providers with Rafay MKS based Upstream Kubernetes clusters.


This approach is recommended for users that wish to perform significant customization of the CSI provider.

Managed Storage

For users that require a turnkey storage option on Rafay MKS based upstream Kubernetes clusters, Rafay provides a managed storage solution based on popular open source CSI providers.

OpenEBS Local PV

This option based on the popular OpenEBS project is specifically designed for "single node" clusters (e.g. edge use cases). Local Volumes are accessible only from a single node in the cluster. Note that with this option, pods have to be scheduled on the node where volume is provisioned.


This is based on the popular Rook/Ceph. Rook is a graduated CNCF project that automates the tasks of a storage administrator (i.e. deployment, bootstrapping, configuration, provisioning, scaling, upgrading, migration, disaster recovery, monitoring, and resource management). It delivers its services via a Kubernetes Operator for Ceph.

This managed storage option provides users with cloud native support for File, Block and Object Storage.


Users that wish to perform customization of the CSI provider and use advanced options are not recommended to use the managed storage option.