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Policies can contain one or more constraint(s) and are deployed to clusters through a blueprint. Multiple policies can be created with different constraints as required.


Org Admin or Infra Admin role is required to create and assign OPA Gatekeeper policies

Create New Policy

Perform the below steps to create a new policy:

  • Login to the Controller and select Policies under the OPA Gatekeeper. Users can view the list of existing policies on the Policies main page
  • Click New Policy
  • Provide a name for the policy and click Create

OPA New Policy

Policy New Version

Perform the below steps in the New Version page

  • Provide a version name

Constraints List

  • Click Add Constraint to add one or more constraints to this policy

  • On selecting a system constraint, the version is always the latest

  • On selecting a custom constraint, user can select the required version from the drop-down

Constraints List

  • Click Save Changes to proceed or Discard Changes & Exit to abort the process


Prior to introduction of Installation Profiles, configuration of installation related parameters was through a Policy. Any existing policies (that include installation parameters) will be separated out into a policy and a corresponding installation profile (with a prefix of initial in the profile name)

Assigning Policies

OPA Gatekeeper Policies are applied to clusters via blueprint.

Adding/Removing Policies To/From Blueprints

  • Under Infrastructure, navigate to Blueprints.
  • Navigate to the OPA Gatekeeper section and enable it
  • Click Add Policy and add OPA Gatekeeper policies with the corresponding version, multiple OPA Gatekeeper policies can be added to a blueprint
  • Click Save Changes

Update Blueprint with OPA Gatekeeper Policy

Blueprint sync

On a blueprint sync operation, Constraint Templates/Constraints (based on configured policies) and the necessary OPA Gatekeeper components are deployed to the cluster.

Blueprint Sync