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This is a multi-part, self paced quick start exercise to explore deploying workloads. You will learn how to dpeloy both Helm and YAML workloads from local files as well as Github repositories. You will also look at day 2 operations of updating the workloads.

You can learn more about workloads here.

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Deploy YAML workload from uploaded file
2 Deploy Helm workload from Git repository
3 Update YAML and Helm workloads


  • You have access to an existing managed cluster
  • You have access to a GitHub account
  • You have downloaded the RCTL CLI
  • You have initialized the RCTL CLI


The instructions describe the process using a combination of the RCTL CLI and the web console. The same steps can be performed using the REST APIs or a Terraform provider for automation.