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OPA Gatekeeper

Org-wide Dashboards for OPA Gatekeeper

In our recent release in May, we enhanced our turnkey integration with OPA Gatekeeper. In this blog, I describe why we worked on this enhancement.

Many of our customers that operate mission critical applications on Kubernetes clusters have to comply with organizational policies and best practices. These customers depend on and use Rafay's turnkey integration with OPA Gatekeeper in the Rafay Kubernetes Operations platform.

Prior to this release, our customers would use Rafay to

  • Centrally orchestrate and enforce OPA Gatekeeper policies, and
  • Centrally aggregate OPA Gatekeeper violations in the audit logging system

They would then use Rafay's audit log aggregator to push the OPA violations in real time to their corporate SIEM such as Splunk etc.

Since most "Infrastructure and Operations" personnel and "App Developers" are not provided access to the corporate SIEM, they have been asking Rafay to develop dashboards that will help them answer some critical questions related to compliance with policies.

What is my current posture (i.e. summary) and how has my posture evolved over time? (i.e. trend)?