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Deprovisioning an upstream cluster is a two step process.

  • Delete the cluster in the Console.
  • Delete the cluster on each node used to provision the cluster in the Console.

Delete Cluster from Console

Cluster Deletion UX Enhancement - Coming Soon

To delete an upstream cluster in the Console:

  • In the Console, go to the Project with the cluster you want to delete.
  • For the cluster you want to delete, click the Settings icon (gear icon), then select Delete.

Cluster Settings

Delete Cluster in Console

  • Select Delete Cluster Completely to delete cluster object from Rafay controller and all associated resources from the provider
  • Select Delete Cluster Object Only to delete cluster from Rafay controller only
  • Select/enter the cluster name and click Delete this Cluster

Remove EKS Cluster


To prepare nodes for reuse, run conjurer -d on each affected node after deletion. This command deletes all binaries and resets the nodes.

Once the delete request is submitted, the message below will be displayed, and the deletion process might take up to 20 minutes.

Remove EKS Cluster

Delete Cluster on Node

  • For each node configured to run the cluster, run the following command:
./conjurer -d
  • A message appears asking you to confirm deprovisioning. Enter YES and press Enter.

    • Use YES. Using yes does not confirm the deprovisioning command.
    • Enter the sudo password, if required.

Confirm Deprovision Cluster

  • If error messages display during deprovisioning, some can be ignored because these errors will resolve upon a reboot.

Error Message