Documentation by Service

Cluster Blueprints

Centralized configuration with software add-ons and governance policies. Enforce continuous reconciliation with drift detection policies.

Visibility & Monitoring

Automatically aggregate and visualize critical metrics from clusters operating in different regions, cloud providers, datacenters and edge locations.

Zero Trust Kubectl

Controlled, audited, secure access for developers, SREs and automation systems to your clusters, with just-in-time service account creation.

Backup and Restore

Securely backup your Kubernetes resources and volumes to protect against infrastructure loss, data corruption, and/or service outages.

Policy Management

Centrally enforce OPA Gatekeeper policies. Aggregate and view policy metrics, violations and audits in a central dashboard.

Network Policy

Comply with security and compliance requirements for isolation and network access esp. in shared clusters. Prevent lateral movement and reduce attack surface.

Service Mesh Manager

Centrally configured service mesh with turnkey policies for enforcement of enable mTLS for secure inter-service communication.

Cost Management

Consolidated fine-grained visibility and reporting of all your Kubernetes clusters. Automate showback and chargeback workflows.

Workloads and GitOps

Develop and operate multi-stage pipelines for both infrastructure orchestration and application deployments through pull requests in configured Git repositories.

App and Addon Catalog

Create and curate custom app catalogs to meet the needs of various teams within the organization.

Secrets Management

Secure application secrets and automate lifecycle management and delivery via turnkey integrations with HashiCorp Vault, AWS Secrets Manager and Sealed Secrets