Rafay's Kubernetes Operations Platform is a modular cloud native platform that helps organizations make sense of the vast cloud native landscape. A number of key services are available in the platform abstracting away the initial and ongoing complexity associated with 10s or 100s of open source tools.

Both administrators and developers benefit from a seamless, integrated user experience while automating the toil of infrastructure, packaging, and security.

The list of integrated services provided by the platform are:

  1. Backup & Restore
  2. Blueprints
  3. Catalog
  4. Cost (Visibility & Chargebacks)
  5. GitOps (Apps & Infrastructure)
  6. Network Policy Manager (based on Cilium)
  7. Policy Management (based on OPA Gatekeeper)
  8. Service Mesh (based on Istio)
  9. Visibility & Monitoring
  10. Zero Trust Kubectl Access