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What Will You Do

In this part, you will provision an Amazon EKS cluster with AWS Fargate profiles.

Update Cluster Specification

  • Open a suitable YAML editor and copy/paste the example EKS cluster specification provided below.
  • Save the file as "fargate-demo.yaml" (an example)

Cluster Spec Explained

In the example cluster spec provided,

  • The name of the EKS cluster will be "fargate-demo" and it is configured to be provisioned in the "defaultproject" in your Org.
  • The EKS cluster is configured with one managed node group (i.e. "managed") and two Fargate profiles (i.e. "fp-dev" and "fp-demo")

The following items in the declarative cluster specification will need to be updated/customized for your environment.

  • cluster name: "fargate-demo"
  • project: "defaultproject"
  • cloud provider: "aws-cc"
  • region: "us-west-2"
  • AWS Tags as required in your AWS account
kind: Cluster
  name: fargate-demo
  project: defaultproject
  blueprint: minimal
  cloudprovider: aws-cc
  type: eks
- name: fp-dev
  - namespace: dev
- name: fp-demo
  - labels:
      env: demo
    namespace: demo
kind: ClusterConfig
- desiredCapacity: 1
  instanceType: t3.large
  maxSize: 3
  minSize: 1
  name: managed
  name: fargate-demo
  region: us-west-2
  version: "1.26"
    email: [email protected]
    env: demo

Provision EKS Cluster

  • Type the command below to provision the EKS cluster
rctl apply -f fargate-demo.yaml

If there are no errors, you will be presented with a "Task ID" that you can use to check progress/status. Note that this step requires creation of infrastructure in your AWS account and can take ~20-30 minutes to complete.

  "taskset_id": "lk5opd2",
  "operations": [
      "operation": "NodegroupCreation",
      "resource_name": "managed",
      "operation": "ClusterCreation",
      "resource_name": "fargate-demo",
  "comments": "The status of the operations can be fetched using taskset_id",
  • Navigate to the specified "project" in your Org
  • Click on Infrastructure -> Clusters.

The provisioning process can take approximately 30 minutes to fully complete. Once provisioning is complete, you should see a healthy cluster in the project in your Org

Provisioned Cluster