Resource TF Provider Support Is Import supported for the resource
Access API Key Yes No
Add-on Yes No
AKS Cluster Yes No
Backup & Restore No No
Baremetal/VM Cluster No No
Blueprint Yes Yes
Catalog Yes No
Chargeback Group Config Yes No
Chargeback Group Report Yes No
Chargeback Share Costs Yes No
Cloud Credentials Yes Yes
Cluster Network Policy Yes No
Cluster Override Yes No
Cluster Sharing Yes No
Container Registry Yes No
Cost Profile Yes No
Download Kubeconfig Yes No
EKS Cluster Yes Yes
EKS Anywhere Cluster No No
Fleet Plan Yes No
GKE Cluster Yes No
Group Yes Yes
Gateway No No
GitOps Agent Yes No
Group Association Yes No
Import Cluster Yes No
Namespace Yes Yes
Namespace Network Policy Yes No
Namespace Network Policy Rule Yes No
Network Policy Profile Yes No
OPA Constraint Yes Yes
OPA Constraint Template Yes No
OPA Installation Profile Yes Yes
OPA Policy Yes No
Pipeline Yes Yes
Project Yes Yes
Project Tags Association Yes No
Repositories Yes No
Secret Group Yes No
Secret Provider Yes No
Secret Sealer Yes No
Tag Group Yes No
User Yes Yes
VMware VSphere Cluster No No
Workload Yes No
Workloadtemplate Yes No

Important: Provider Limitations for EKS Cluster Import

When you import the existing EKS Cluster resource and use the terraform show command to generate the Terraform (TF) file, you may notice extra fields with Boolean values. To prevent errors, compare the generated TF file to your cluster configuration file and remove any unnecessary fields. If you fail to do so, you may see "undiffable" field errors when applying the TF file.

Below is the Terraform Provider Registry link for documentation and provider download:

Terraform Provider Registry