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Minimal Blueprint

There are scenarios where the default blueprints may not be appropriate. For example,

  • Extremely resource constrained clusters (edge devices)
  • Alternate tech stack of addons already deployed on the clusters

Note: The minimal blueprint is primarily a convenience feature and the same feature set can be achieved using custom blueprints.

Available Addons

The table below shows the addons that are enabled in the "minimal blueprint".

Category Addon
k8s Management Operator YES
Monitoring & Alerting NO
Log Aggregation NO
Ingress Controller NO
Instance Interruption NO
Network Policy NO

Impact to Dashboards

The majority of the widgets in the dashboards are powered by the Monitoring addons. Since this addon is not available with the minimal blueprint, many of these widgets will be disabled. Basic cluster level resource metrics are still captured and presented on the cluster card. The lack of an integrated monitoring and alerting stack means that users have to resort to an alternate stack for equivalent functionality or use the zero trust kubectl access (ztka) channel for visibility etc.

Cluster Card