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RCTL Commands

Imperative/Declarative Usage Patterns


It is recommended that the declarative usage pattern (rctl apply -f config_file) be used to create/update resources wherever supported.

Category Description Declarative Support Declarative Schema Imperative Support
Add-Ons Create/Update Add-Ons Yes Yes
Agents Create/Update Agents Yes Yes
Backup/Restore Create/Update Backup location No Yes
Create/Update Data agent No Yes
Create/Update Backup Policy No Yes
Create Backup Job No Yes
Create/Update Restore Policy No Yes
Create Restore Job No Yes
Blueprints Create/Update Blueprints Yes Blueprint schema Yes
Catalog Create/Update Catalog Yes No
Cloud Credentials Create/Update Cloud Credential Yes Yes
Cluster Add an imported cluster Yes Yes
Create/Update an EKS Cluster Yes EKS Cluster schema Yes
Create/Update an AKS Cluster Yes AKS Cluster schema Yes
Create/Update a GKE Cluster Yes GKE Cluster schema No
Create/Update a Bare Metal/VM Cluster Yes MKS Cluster schema No
Create/Update a VMware vSphere Cluster Yes VMware vSphere Cluster schema No
Create/Update a EKS Anywhere Bare Metal Cluster Yes EKS Anywhere Bare Metal Cluster No
Cluster Overrides Create/Update add-on overrides Yes Yes
Cluster Template Create/Update EKS Cluster Template Yes No
Create/Update AKS Cluster Template Yes No
Create/Update GKE Cluster Template Yes No
Fleet Plan Create/Update Fleet Plan Yes No
Gateway Create a vSphere Gateway No Yes
Create a EKSA BM Gateway No Yes
IAM Service Account (IRSA) Create/Update IAM Service Account Yes Yes
IDP/SSO Create/Update IDP No Yes
Namespaces Create/Update namespaces Yes Namespace schema Yes
NodeGroup/NodePool Create/Update EKS NodeGroup Yes Yes
Create/Update AKS NodePools Yes Yes
Network Policy Create/Update Rules/Policies Yes No
Pipelines Create/Update GitOps pipelines Yes Yes
Policy (OPA Gatekeeper) Create/Update Installation Profiles, Constraint Templates, Constraints, Policies Yes No
Projects Create/Update Projects Yes Yes
Registry Create/Update Registries Yes Yes
Repository Create/Update Repositories Yes Yes
Secret Groups Create/Update Secret Groups Yes Yes
Secret Stores Create/Update Secret Stores Yes Yes
Triggers Create/Update Triggers Yes Yes
Workloads Create/Update Workloads Yes Yes
Workload Overrides Create/Update Workload overrides Yes Yes