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Releases - Dec 2023

v2.2 Update 1 - SaaS

12 Dec, 2023

This release includes the fix for the issue outlined below.

Bug ID Description
RC-30965 Blueprint update fails when network policy is enabled as Cilium pods are stuck in pending state

v1.1.22 - Terraform Provider

11 Dec, 2023

An updated version of the Terraform provider is now available.

This release includes enhancements around the following resources:

New resources

  • rafay_driver: This enables use of custom provisioners with environment manager

Existing resources

  • rafay_resource_template: Support for Volumes and Terraform Enterprise/Cloud has been added to this Environment Manager resource
  • rafay_pipeline: Support for custom workload name and project name as part of the Pipeline stage configuration
  • eks_cluster: Configuration value support for EKS add-ons

v1.1.21 Bug Fixes

This Terraform release also addresses the following improvements/defects:

Bug ID Description
RC-31087 Added support for the "--wait-for-jobs" Helm option in Terraform
RC-30827 Added missing "Kubeletidentity," "enableNodePublicIP," and "enableEncryptionAtHost" fields in Terraform AKS v3 spec
RC-26741 Support for terraform import for rafay_group resources
RC-30067 Fixed issue in Terraform provider where settings specified for Bottlerocket-based nodes were not reaching the nodes
RC-30711 Fixed taskset status displaying "permission denied" in Terraform


08 Dec, 2023

The section below provides a brief description of the new functionality and enhancements in this release.

Environment Manager


There are actions that cannot be directly represented in TF's declarative model and require use of "custom provisioners". An example of this could be a feature/functionality that isn't yet supported in it's TF provider. This release adds support for "Custom Drivers" to help with such scenarios.


Support for configuring volumes with "Drivers" and "Resource Templates" has been added with this release. This is to address scenarios where the provider needs to create temporary volume mounts to carry the necessary actions.

Agent selection

There are scenarios where the Platform team wants to enable a model where the downstream teams (e.g. SREs) takes the responsibility of deploying/maintaining the agent. Support has now been added to allow selection of an agent at the time of environment provisioning.


UI improvements

Several UI/UX improvements have been added with this release. Examples include:

  • Addition of "Created At" and "Modified At" columns for Config Contexts and Static Resources pages
  • Help text (tooltips) for the Configuration page of Resource Templates
  • Addition of "Environment Template" and "Environment Template version" columns to the Environments page
  • Timeline based view for activities that are part of the environment provisioning process



Performance improvements

Several optimizations have been implemented with this release to reduce the time to provision environments.

Terraform Cloud & Enterprise

Integration support for Terraform Cloud & Enterprise has been added with this release. This allows customers to continue using existing workflows to provision infrastructure (using existing state stores, agents etc.) while leveraging Environment Manager's templating capability to enable a self-service experience for developers/SREs.


Amazon EKS

IPv6 Support

With this release, support has been added to allow creation of IPv6 EKS Clusters.

eks ipv6


Limited Access - This capability is enabled selectively for customers and is not available to all organizations.

Amazon EKS and Azure AKS

Fleet Operations

HTTP configuration support has been added to hooks enabling users to send HTTP requests to a service as part of the pre-hook and post-hook checks.

HTTP Config Type

Google GKE

Cert Manager

With this release, Cert Manager version v1.13.1 will be used as part of GKE cluster deployment.

Improved Health Monitoring

In this release, monitoring/health checks has been added for CAPI and CAPG namespaces to detect and report unhealthy pods. The same is reflected in the cluster card for better visibility.

Upstream Kubernetes

RHEL 9 OS Support

RHEL 9 is now supported for both master and worker nodes for bare metal and VM based environments.

VMware vSphere

Kubernetes v1.27 and 1.28

New VMware vSphere clusters can be provisioned based on Kubernetes v1.27.x and v1.28.x. Existing upstream Kubernetes clusters managed by the controller can be upgraded in-place to Kubernetes v1.27.x and v1.28.x.

1.27 VMware Cluster

1.28 VMware Cluster

Backup and Restore

Clone Option for Restore Job

In this release, 'Cloning' has been added as an option (in addition to 'Recovery') as part of the Restore job. This option is useful when data needs to exist in both the source and target clusters, allowing data to be cloned to the target cluster while preserving it in the source cluster.

restore clonning option


RCTL Apply support for Overrides

Cluster Overrides (for add-ons and workloads) has been enhanced with this release so that this can be performed declaratively using the 'rctl apply -f spec.yaml' pattern.


Workload Templates & Pipelines

This release adds the ability to orchestrate workload deployments based on a workload template across projects through a single pipeline. The configurable project input allows derivation of the project name from the webhook payload.


Workload listing

Workloads created using the declarative spec appear under the v3 Workloads Tab. "Publish/Unpublish/Delete" options have now been added to v3 workloads. Additional columns have been added (e.g. Deployment Status, Package Type) to enable a similar visual experience across the two tabs for Workloads.


Network Policy Manager


Support for a newer version of Cilium (v1.14.2) has been added with this release. Cilium is leveraged in chaining mode with the platform's Network Policy Manager service.

Cost Management Service

Cost Explorer

In this release, additional filters (pods, applications and nodes) have been added to aid with "Cluster Rightsizing" and "Application Rightsizing" exercises.






Limited Access - This capability is enabled selectively for customers and is not available to all organizations.

Chargeback Reports

“Provider” column (e.g. AWS) has been added to the chargeback reports (summary & detailed reports) so that it is easier for customers to reconcile costs from the chargeback reports with the cloud provider reports.

Chargeback Report

v2.2 Bug Fixes

Bug ID Description
RC-31156 Pending State of Container is not handled correctly by UI
RC-30875 Blueprint sync is failing when summation of opa policy/polices exceeds 64 characters
RC-29711 In IdP Users listing, namespace column is shown empty
RC-30114 Fleet UI: Add Node Selector option not working for certain scenarios
RC-30434 Blueprint version creation from Git sync fails
RC-30669 Deleted GKE Node pool gets stuck in 'Delete in Progress' status
RC-30868 GitOps agent health status is not being returned/displayed accurately
RC-28920 EKS: ebs-csi-windows pod is not in a healthy state after adding a windows managed node group