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In this self-paced exercise, you will learn how to setup the managed storage add-on.

  • This add-on deploys Rook Ceph into the cluster and will utilize all raw storage devices on nodes that are assigned the storage role.

  • The managed storage add-on will create three storageclasses that will expose the following storage types:

    • Block: Create block storage to be consumed by a pod (RWO)
    • Shared Filesystem: Create a filesystem to be shared across multiple pods (RWX)
    • Object: Create an object store that is accessible inside or outside the Kubernetes cluster
  • In order to use the managed storage add-on, at least one of these local storage options are required on each storage node in the cluster.

    • Raw devices (no partitions or formatted filesystems)
    • Raw partitions (no formatted filesystem)
    • LVM Logical Volumes (no formatted filesystem)
    • Persistent Volumes available from a storage class in block mode

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Configure and Verify node configuration
2 Create Blueprint and deploy it to the cluster
3 Test the storage
4 Expand the storage


You have already provisioned or imported an upstream Kubernetes cluster using the controller. The cluster nodes must contain a raw, unformatted storage device.