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Cost Management

Rightsizing exercises with Cost Explorer

As organizations increase their K8s footprint and onboard more applications, it becomes extremely critical to have an unified (cross account, cross cloud) view of resource utilization metrics across clusters. Without this, organizations will be running blind to their K8s cost structure and it will be impossible to operate their infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

A recent release introduced a new integrated capability within the platform referred to as "Cost Explorer". This capability provides organizations with necessary information to effectively undertake "cluster rightsizing" and "application rightsizing" exercises.

Implementing Chargeback/Showback for multi-tenant clusters

As organizations embrace multi-tenancy i.e. share clusters among applications/teams to reduce cluster sprawl and spend, it is imperative that granular resource utilization metrics are collected and aggregated from their clusters. Tracking and reporting costs on a per application/team basis (referred to as chargeback/showback) is essential for a number of reasons including:

  • Billing internal teams/applications (their cost center IDs) based on their consumption
  • Gaining visibility into the cost structure to determine inefficiencies and drive cost optimization exercises
  • Forecasting future spend

Rafay's integrated Cost Management solution makes it extremely simple for customers to standardize collection of metrics in a consistent manner across clusters (cloud, on-premise) and implement chargeback/showback models.

Integrated FinOps Role for Cost Management

In our June 2023 release, we added support for a new turnkey role in the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform specifically targeted at users in a FinOps function.

This new role allows the FinOps team to access and view cost and usage data in the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform. Users with this role do not have the ability to impact infrastructure or applications.


Integrated Cost Visibility & Governance for Kubernetes

Last week, we wrapped up "hands-on enablement" on our recently released "Integrated Cost Management" service for approximately 25 technologists. Here's what the team experienced in the 60-minute lab.

Integrated Cost Management

1. What does it take to enable cost visibility and management for a fleet of clusters spanning Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, and on-premises clusters in data centers?

With the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform, you can do this literally in a "single click/step".