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The following tables summarizes requirements and support policy for various features/capabilities offered by the platform.

Supported K8s versions by providers

Provider Cluster Lifecycle Imported
Amazon EKS Supported versions Versions supported by the provider
Azure AKS Supported versions Versions supported by the provider
Google GKE Supported versions Versions supported by the provider
Upstream Kubernetes (MKS) on Bare Metal and VMs Supported versions N/A
Upstream Kubernetes (MKS) on VMware vSphere Supported versions N/A

Supported Network Plugins by Cluster Type

Cluster Type Network Plugin(s)
MKS Cilium 1.14.1, Calico 3.26.1, Canal-Calico-3.24.5-Flannel-0.15.1
VMware Calico 3.24.5, v3.23.0, v3.22.0
EKS aws-cni, Calico 3.24.5
AKS Kubenet (None, Calico), Azure CNI (None, Calico, Azure)
GKE GCP Networking Stack

Supported EKS managed add-ons corresponding to Kubernetes version

Managed Addon K8s version Addon Version
Kube-proxy 1.29 v1.29.0-eksbuild.3
1.28 v1.28.4-eksbuild.4
1.27 v1.27.8-eksbuild.4
1.26 v1.26.11-eksbuild.4
1.25 v1.25.16-eksbuild.2
1.24 v1.24.17-eksbuild.8
1.23 v1.23.17-eksbuild.9
CoreDNS 1.29 v1.11.1-eksbuild.6
1.28 v1.10.1-eksbuild.7
1.27 v1.10.1-eksbuild.7
1.26 v1.9.3-eksbuild.11
1.25 v1.9.3-eksbuild.11
1.24 v1.9.3-eksbuild.11
1.23 v1.8.7-eksbuild.10
VPC CNI 1.29 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1
1.28 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1
1.27 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1
1.26 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1
1.25 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1
1.24 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1
1.23 v1.16.2-eksbuild.1

Base Blueprint and K8s versions

For K8s versions 1.24 & above, the base blueprint version needs to be 1.16 or later.

Identity Providers for SSO

Certified IDPs

  • Okta
  • PingOne
  • Azure AD
  • Duo SSO


Any SAML 2.0 based IDP provider is supported. For more details, refer here

GitOps Pipeline Triggers

Supported providers for Webhook based triggers

  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • BitBucket
  • Azure Repos


Cron Job based triggers can be leveraged for any Git compatible provider that is not in the list above. For more details, refer here

Managed System Add-ons & Services

Managed System Add-ons & Services OSS Component(s) Supported Distros
Managed Storage Rook-Ceph Upstream k8s
Ingress Controller Ingress NGINX All
Monitoring & Alerting Prometheus All
Metrics Server All
Alert Manager All
Secrets Store CSI Driver Secret Store CSI driver + AWS Secrets Manager provider specific plugin Amazon EKS
Policy Management OPA Gatekeeper All
Backup & Restore Velero All
Network Policy Cilium Refer here for more details
Cost Management OpenCost All
Local Storage OpenEBS Upstream K8s

Resources Character Limits

The table below provides the maximum allowed character limits for various resources:

Resource Resource Type Maximum Length
Addon 63
Cluster EKS 63
AKS 30
GKE 30
VMWare 30
Upstream 30
Imported 30
Cluster Override 253
Namespace 45
Project 256
Workload 63

Note: Alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) and hyphen are allowed, with the exception that hyphen cannot be placed at the beginning or the end