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Copilot (Beta)

The Copilot is a Gen AI based chatbot . Users can utilize it to ask questions about the capabilities of the Rafay platform and receive prompt responses. This assistant offers a more interactive way to obtain information, ensuring accuracy, conciseness, and interactivity.

How do I get access to it?

The Copilot is currently in beta and is selectively enabled for customer organizations. If you wish to enable it for your organization, please contact support for assistance.

Steps to Use

Once enabled for your organization,Once you log in, you can find it on the top right side, to the left of the username, with a button labeled "Copilot".Once you locate it, click on it to begin asking questions

Technology Behind the AI Assistant

The Copilot is powered by high performing Large Language Model along with a standard vector database to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. This combination enables our system to intelligently comprehend user queries and provide precise responses.


please visit the FAQ's page.