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Workspace Role

There can be scenarios where organizations may require application teams to "share" clusters for cost efficiency purposes. Even after sharing clusters across projects, administration of Kubernetes namespaces can still be an operational challenge. For example, it can be a cost/burden for administrators to quickly respond to requests from application teams for scenarios like

  • Need a new namespace
  • Need to update resource quotas on existing namespace
  • Need to delete an existing namespace

A commonly used term for this soft multi-tenancy model is Workspace as a Service.


A workspace admin can only see resources in namespaces created and managed by them. They cannot see/access namespaces on the cluster that are not managed by them. When a workspace admin creates a new namespace using the ZTKA kubeconfig file, project label needs to be specified as part of the namespace spec.

Access Control

Organizations can assign the "Workspace Admin" role to identified users in application teams to offload namespace administration and quota management responsibilities.

Access Control

Developers and application owners can be assigned to specific namespaces that are created and managed by the Workspace Admin.

Resource Quotas

Administrators can allocate a "total quota" on the shared cluster that will span across all the namespaces managed by the Workspace administrator. The sum of resources across ALL namespaces needs to be less/equal to the specified quota.

Resource Quotas

At any time, workspace admins can login and view their "total quota" and "utilization" against the quota. For example, in the utilization table for the project, the assigned quota for CPUs is "300 mCPUs" and current utilization is "50 mCPUs"

Resource Utilization