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Import Cluster

In this section, you will import the previously created Zededa K3s cluster into Rafay and attach a custom cluster blueprint.

What Will You Do

In this part, you will:

  • Create Custom Cluster Blueprint
  • Import Cluster into Rafay

Step 1: Create Custom Blueprint

In this step, you will create a custom cluster blueprint with the Monitoring and Alerting Manged System Add-on.

  • Navigate to a project in your Org
  • Select Infrastructure -> Blueprints
  • Click "New Blueprint"
  • Enter a name for the blueprint
  • Click "Save"

Create Blueprint

  • Enter a version name
  • Select Minimal for the base blueprint

Create Blueprint

  • Select Monitoring & Alerting under Managed System Add-Ons
  • Click "Save Changes"

Create Blueprint

Step 2: Import Cluster

In this step, you will configure and import your Cluster using the web console.

  • Navigate to a project in your Org
  • Select Infrastructure -> Clusters
  • Click "New Cluster"
  • Select "Import Existing Kubernetes Cluster"
  • Click "Continue"

Create Cluster

  • Select "Data center / Edge"
  • Select "Other"
  • Enter a cluster name
  • Click "Continue"

Create Cluster

  • Select the previously created blueprint
  • Click "Continue"

Create Cluster

  • Follow the "Cluster Registration Instructions" on the console screen. These instructions will require you to have a shell into the node. You will need to copy the "Bootstrap YAML" to the cluster and then apply the file with the provided Kubectl command. The cluster will then begin the registration and configuration process.

Create Cluster

The cluster will begin importing.

Create Cluster

After a few minutes, the cluster will be fully imported into the controller and using the custom cluster blueprint.

Create Cluster


Congratulations! At this point, you have

  • Successfully created a custom cluster blueprint
  • Successfully imported a Zededa edge cluster