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Restore Policy

Administrators can create a restore policy to specify the rules a restore job has to comply with when it performs a restore operation.

Create Restore Policy

Follow below steps to create a restore policy for your clusters:

  • From web console, navigate to Backup/Restore -> Policies menu to add "New Policy"
  • Enter a name and an optional description
  • Select Type "Restore"

Add Restore Policy

  • In the Restore Policy Settings page > Config section, check/uncheck "Restore PVs" checkbox to enable/disable restore persistent volume data.

Example: Control Plane and PVs

Here is an example of a policy to restore both cluster control plane and persistent volumes data

Configure Restore Policy

Example: Only Control Plane

Here is an example of a policy to restore only cluster control plane data and no persistent volumes.

Configure Restore Policy

Advanced Options

In a manner similar to a backup policy, administrators can specify fine-grained controls for the restore policy. You can optionally use "target selectors" to refine the scope of the backup policy. You have three options

  • Include namespaces (restores performed only from the selected namespaces)
  • Exclude namespaces (skip these namespaces for restore operations)
  • Specify label selectors (restore resources that match the labels)

Here is an example of a restore policy where the administrator only wishes to restore the cluster data for the "apache" namespace

Configure Restore Policy