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Rules allow specification of K8s RBAC definitions to control access to cluster resources.

Create Rules

Perform the below steps to create a new rule

  • Login to the console and navigate to System → ZTKA Custom Access → Rules

System Menu

  • Click New ZTKA Rule

New Rule

  • Provide a name for the rule and click Create. Rule New Version page appears

  • Provide a Version name

  • Provide the ClusterRole or Role YAML artifact. You can upload the artifact file or point to a repository

  • Select the Project(s) for which the rule must apply

  • Select the Cluster(s) for which the rule must apply. Cluster selection can be based on labels or namespace


  • Click Save Changes

New Version

On successful Rule Creation, the first version of the rule appears. Based on the requirement, users can create multiple versions. To view the details of a specific rule version, click the eye icon

Rule version