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In this self-paced exercise, you will learn how to implement progressive deployment patterns for your applications using the integrated GitOps capabilities in the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform.

In this exercise, the progressive rollouts are performed using automation that looks like the following.

    participant dev as Developer
    participant git as Git <br> Repository
    participant rafay as Rafay
    participant cluster as Kubernetes <br> Cluster

    Note over rafay,cluster: Cluster Blueprint
    rafay->> cluster: Deploy Cluster Blueprint <br> for Progressive Rollouts

    Note over dev,cluster: App Deployment
    dev->>git: Pull Request
    git->>rafay: Webhook
    rafay->>git: Retrieve App Manifests
    rafay->>cluster: Deploy/Update

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Implement a Blue/Green progressive rollout strategy
2 Implement a Canary based progressive rollout strategy


  • You have an existing managed cluster (imported or provisioned) in a project in your Org
  • You have a GitHub account where you can fork a repository to