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A Project allows you to organize and compartmentalize your infrastructure, user access and resources. All Organizations start life with a "Default Project". Organization Admins can create as many projects in the Organization as you like.


Only Organization Admins are allowed to create Projects


A Project is a logical "Isolation Boundary" that comprises

  • One or more managed clusters
  • Cloud Credentials
  • PSPs
  • Namespaces
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Workloads and Workload Templates
  • Blueprints and Addons
  • Pipelines
  • Integration Resources (Registries, Repositories, Secret Stores, Aggregation Endpoints etc)

Projects Intro

Default Project

All Organizations come bootstrapped with one project called "default project". Note that this project cannot be deleted from the Org.

Create Project

To create a Project

  • Login into Web Console as an Organization Admin
  • Click on "New Project"
  • Provide a name and description

Once a Project is created, Administrators need to assign "Groups" and/or "Users" to it.

View Project

Organization Admins can view the list of all projects in their Organization.

List Projects

Project Dashboard

A high level dashboard is available for every project and all authorized users of a project can view it.

Project Dashboard

Switching Projects

Users that are assigned to multiple projects can switch between projects easily. The user's current project scope is displayed on the top banner. In the example below, the user is currently in the "Default Project"

Current Project

To switch to another project, click on the projects dropdown and select the Project you would like to switch to. In the example below, the user has the option to switch to one of the available projects.

Switch Projects

Update Project

Organization Admins can add/remove Groups or Users from a Project.


It is generally operationally more practical to assign Groups to projects vs managing individual users in a project.

Add/Remove Group

  • Click on the "Users/Groups" icon navigate to the section where you can select and assign groups to Project

Update Groups

Add/Remove Users

  • Click on the "Users/Groups" icon navigate to the section where you can select and assign users to Project

Update Users

Delete Project

Organization Admins are allowed to Delete a Project as long as there are no resources associated to it. You will be prompted to delete the existing resources before you are allowed to delete a project.