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Releases - May 2023

v1.25 - SaaS

26 May, 2023

This section below provides a brief description of the new functionality and enhancements in this release. For a deeper dive, please read through the blogs describing the new functionality.

Amazon EKS

Kubernetes v1.25

New EKS clusters can now be provisioned based on Kubernetes v1.25. Existing clusters managed by the controller can be upgraded "in-place" to Kubernetes v1.25. Read more about this in this blog post

EKS v1.25

Day 2 Operations

In this release, users can now associate an OIDC Provider with a cluster using the cluster config file, without the need to create service account.

Google GKE

Cluster Sharing

It is now possible to share clusters between projects. This makes it possible for customers to implement multi-tenancy constructs including Workspace based multi-tenancy to enforce resource quotas and governance policies when clusters are shared between teams/applications.

Cluster Templates

With this release, in addition to using the web console (from the April release), users can now create and manage cluster templates for GKE using the RCTL CLI and Swagger APIs. Improvements have additionally implemented to ensure a more streamlined experience. Read more about this in this blog post

Cluster Templates for GKE

Pod and Service CIDR configuration

With this release, users have the ability to specify Pod and Service CIDR for clusters provisioned through the platform.

Upstream Kubernetes for Bare Metal and VMs

Kubernetes v1.26

New upstream clusters can be provisioned based on Kubernetes v1.26.x. Existing upstream Kubernetes clusters managed by the controller can be upgraded in-place to Kubernetes v1.26. Read more about this in this blog post

MKS v1.26

CNCF Conformance

Upstream Kubernetes clusters based on Kubernetes v1.26 (and prior Kubernetes versions) are fully CNCF conformant.


Node Pools

With this release, you can create and manage node pools for VMware based clusters.

Vmware NodePool 1


Helm-Based Import

Support has been added to the API and the TF Provider to download a values.yaml file containing all necessary parameters as well as the cluster bootstrap.yaml file to run helm-based import of clusters.

Zero-Trust Access

Performance Improvements

There are a number of improvements in this release for improved latency.


This enhancement requires an upgrade to the latest version of the base blueprint (v1.25)

Policy Management


A centralized dashboard is now available for OPA Gatekeeper. Customers can use this to gain insights into violations that need to actioned on, violations that were blocked and track compliance over a period of time.

OPA Gatekeeper dashboard

Visibility & Monitoring

Configurable Notifications for Alerts

It is now possible to customize notifications and enable them for select alert categories. This can be done granularly at a project level so that users receive alert notifications only for the resources that they own.

Configurable Notifications

Secrets Management

AWS Secrets Manager

It is now possible to configure 'objectAlias' for Secret Path through the UI. The file name of the secret mounted in the Amazon EKS pod will reflect this configuration. Additional UI improvements have been implemented to the Secret Provider Classes page to enable a more intuitive user experience.

Secret Provider Class UI


Additions to System Catalog

The System Catalog has been updated to add support for the following repositories.

Category Description
Service Proxy Traefik
Observability OpsVerse
AI/ML k8sgpt
Troubleshooting Komodor

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Description
RC-26077 EKS: Convert to Managed fails when the cluster or a node group has an underscore in the name
RC-23099 EKS: Intermittent issues with dangling AWS resources on cluster deletion
RC-26350 Workload status is not updated when republished successfully on a healthy cluster
RC-26162 cd-agent remains in an unhealthy state for imported OpenShift clusters
RC-24599 rctl create addon doesn't upload the file specified in the definition

Self Hosted Controller v1.24

26 May, 2023

An updated version (based on v1.24) of the self hosted controller is now available for customers.


Customers on older versions of the self hosted controller should review the version deprecation and EOL timelines. Users are strongly encouraged to stay on recent versions of the self hosted controller software.

Terraform Provider v1.1.9

12 May, 2023

A new version (v1.1.9) of Rafay's Terraform Provider is now available. Please review the new functionality described below before upgrading.


Self Hosted Controller customers need to upgrade to v1.24 of the controller or higher before they can use the new features in this version. SaaS customers can upgrade to this version of the provider to use the new functionality.

The following new TF resources are now available.

Container Registry

Create a Terraform resource that includes the container registry provider and credentials. A container registry provides a place to store, manage, and deploy container images.

Chargeback Group

Create chargeback groups to assist with identifying and allocating Kubernetes costs.

Chargeback Group Report

Generate a chargeback report for a chargeback group for a designated time period.

Chargeback Share

Enables sharing unallocated costs with chargeback groups, based on tenancy or resource allocation.

Cloud Credentials v3

Create a cloud credential resource using the latest API version (API version 3).