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Secondary CIDR with VPC

As customers deploy more and more workloads to their Kubernetes clusters they can quickly get into situations where pods are consuming thousands of IP Addresses. This can quickly exhaust the pool of IP Addresses allocated to the primary CIDR block. In scenarios where it's not possible to recreate or extend the VPC's CIDR blocks they can deploy their worker nodes, pod network to a newly created larger CIDR block (e.g. within the VPC. Newly created clusters can be configured to use the subnets defined in the secondary CIDR block. Existing clusters can migrate workloads over to the secondary CIDR block. This can be done by creating a new node group that utilize the subnets within the secondary CIDR block, once this is complete you can drain and delete the existing node group.


In the described scenario it is possible to run the instances and pod network in subnets defined from the secondary CIDR block. The worker nodes primary and secondary Elastic Network Interfaces will run on subnets comprised of IP addresses defined in the secondary CIDR block. This allows the Kubernetes cluster the ability to utilize all the IP addresses allocated to all ENIs. Those IP Addresses previously reserved for the host network can now be used by the pod network increasing the node's pod density. Since the worker nodes ENIs are on subnets that are not routable they'll require access to a NAT Gateway to access external resources such as the internet.

Secondary CIDR with VPC

VPC Configuration

Use the following VPC configuration as a reference to the content below.

Name Subnet-Id CIDR AZ
SecondarySubnetPrivateUSWEST2A subnet-08a7a7fdd3f23f18d us-west-2a
SecondarySubnetPrivateUSWEST2B subnet-09629aeeae61cfd36 us-west-2b
SecondarySubnetPrivateUSWEST2D subnet-061adebec170d8ba3 us-west-2d
PrimarySubnetPrivateUSWEST2A subnet-04e3ccd47c9ef9978 us-west-2a
PrimarySubnetPrivateUSWEST2B subnet-06e2b1a5cc98cac91 us-west-2b
PrimarySubnetPrivateUSWEST2D subnet-030531e64a35bac1a us-west-2d
PrimarySubnetPublicUSWEST2A subnet-016ec9f5fa892cac8 us-west-2a
PrimarySubnetPublicUSWEST2B subnet-02aeb278cfa1d7835 us-west-2b
PrimarySubnetPublicUSWEST2D subnet-001748a513e7d39e5 us-west-2d

Cluster Configuration

To utilize the subnets on the primary CIDR block for your control plane specify the primary subnets under the cluster settings during the cluster configuration as shown below.

Cluster Configuration VPC

Node Group Configuration

To utilize the subnets on the secondary CIDR block for your worker nodes and pod network specify the secondary subnets under the node group settings during the cluster configuration as shown below.

Node Group Configuration VPC

Sample Cluster Specification

If creating a cluster from a cluster specification you can define the subnets from the secondary CIDR block to be used for the node group under the subnets section in the node group as shown below.

kind: Cluster
  name: my-eks-cluster
  project: my-project
  blueprint: default
  cloudprovider: my-cloud-provider
  clusterConfig: null
  cniprovider: aws-cni
  proxyconfig: {}
  type: eks
kind: ClusterConfig
- amiFamily: AmazonLinux2
  desiredCapacity: 2
      albIngress: true
      autoScaler: true
      externalDNS: true
  instanceType: t3.large
  maxSize: 2
  minSize: 2
  name: my-ng-on-secondary-cidr
  privateNetworking: true
  - subnet-08a7a7fdd3f23f18d
  - subnet-09629aeeae61cfd36
  - subnet-061adebec170d8ba3
  volumeSize: 80
  volumeType: gp3
  name: my-eks-cluster
  region: us-west-2
  version: "1.21"
    privateAccess: true
    publicAccess: false
    gateway: Single
  id: vpc-09d7879cdaea507e9
        id: subnet-04e3ccd47c9ef9978
        id: subnet-06e2b1a5cc98cac91
        id: subnet-030531e64a35bac1a
        id: subnet-02aeb278cfa1d7835
        id: subnet-016ec9f5fa892cac8
        id: subnet-001748a513e7d39e5