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Audit Logs

What Will You Do

In this part of the self-paced exercise, you will review the audit logs generated by actions performed as part of Part 1 and Part 2 of the exercise.

Every single user action (Role association, configuration changes, kubectl access for both browser and CLI) is recorded and preserved for audit purposes. Audits are available at Home -> SYSTEM -> Audit Logs and are categorized into:

  • SYSTEM (Examples: Role association, change in kubectl access configuration)
  • KUBECTL (Browser based and CLI access)
  • OPA (Gatekeeper related)

Audit log entry for Role Association


Audits of kubectl commands run by the Namespace Admin

kubectl commands

Audits for enabling/disabling kubectl access for the cluster

kubectl commands


Congratulations! You have successfully configured kubectl access settings, implemented break glass process for temporary kubectl access and reviewed Audit logs through this 3 part exercise